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Coir Solutions

Coir Solutions is a new and environment friendly company who will supply high quality Coco Peat (Coir) products to consumers as well as to some of UK’s leading nurseries, hydroponics stores and garden product manufacturers.

We supply quality products and source our products from reliable professional world suppliers.

Coir Solutions supply the best quality products at the best price.

Whether you grow in high tech glasshouses or low tech poly tunnels, we can supply you with the best Hydroponic Coir Substrates.

Our hydroponic coir substrates are 100% organic, free from chemical additives and soil disease.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive the best quality products, and to provide them with a comprehensive after-sales service.

Coir Solutions Coco Peat is the best alternative to mined peat moss, therefore, using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive bogs worldwide. Used as a growing medium and potting medium coco Peat out performs most of the popular brands of peat.

Strawberry plants grown in a hydroponic greenhouse