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Tropibed™ is a 100% natural and sustainable hygienic animal bedding, suitable for everything, from pets to farm animals. Developed to be highly absorbent, Tropibed™ provides the best bedding whatever the animal. Tropibed™ is a natural sustainable by-product of the global demand for coconut products.


Tropibed™ is designed to be the most versatile, durable bedding on the market, suitable for the widest range of animals of any animal bedding.

Tropibed™ was created to give animal owners a reliable, plentiful and plentiful supply of animal bedding in a market which is subject to national shortages of traditional materials. Tropibed™ can also be used to add grip to concrete surfaces for animals, such as in livestock markets and animal transport applications. Animal welfare is also addressed as Tropibed keeps animals safer by keeping them cleaner. High volume to weight ratio gives any animal housed on Tropibed™ more support, cushioning, warmth and therefore more comfort. Comfier animals are happier and healthier animals. This leads to higher productivity in commercial animals.



Whatever your poultry needs, whether it’s hens at home or full commercial production, Tropibed™ can keep your birds comfortable, clean and happy whatever the breed. Tropibed™ properties are:

  • Reduced hock burn
  • Ideal for one use bedding for broiler production
  • Highly absorbent ­reduces ammonia in the atmosphere
  • Promoting full usage of bedding and spilt feed
  • Lasts longer than other poultry bedding
  • Available in bales or bulk
  • More active birds due to bedding remaining free
  • Can be used in most spreading systems


Keep your cattle dry and comfortable with Tropibed™. Happier animals lead to higher productivity.

  • Remains looser for longer, giving outstanding hock protection
  • Mixes well with slurry
  • Cleaner cattle
  • Will be applicable with any bedding spreader currently used
  • Reduces ammonia in the atmosphere
  • Can be used in alleyways and livestock transport applications, to stop slipping and keep animals cleaner


Happier animals lead to higher productivity.

  • Avoids bad odours and reduces the reproduction of flies, and the midge flies by about 90%
  • Keeps the horses bedding in perfect condition
  • Optimal for horses that suffer from bronchial diseases, such as COPD and those which are allergic to dust
  • Recommended by vets and farriers, as this elastic bedding is optimal for relaxing the horse¹s tendons, as it is a dry product
  • Avoids hoof moulds and bacterial activity such as thrush
  • It maintains optimal phytosanitary conditions and prevents the onset of serious diseases such as rheumatism etc
  • The coat of the horse is always dry and clean
  • White or grey horses do not turn yellow as a result of ammoniac attack
  • Easy grooming as the product does not stick to the hair, mane or tail
small pets


Whatever your pet of choice, Tropibed™ can make them feel safe, comfortable in your home. 100% natural material, with natural colouring and scents gives the pet the feel of a natural environment.

  • Harmless if ingested
  • Has the unique ability to absorb and emit moisture and maintain a balanced humidity and temperature
  • Gentle to fragile eggs
  • Retains moisture without decay
  • Ideal medium for egg laying, as it is soft and therefore easy to burrow into
  • Outstanding odour control for a nicer environment for both pet and owner
  • Easily disposed of in the garden, compost heap or green waste bin
  • Ideal for chameleons, frogs, geckos, toads, iguanas etc


Tropibed™ is available in Bags and Bulk to suit whatever your requirements. Tropibed™ Bales are available in bags , Tropibed™ easily bulks back up, meaning not only do you save on mucking out, you need less material to do the same job as previously used bedding.

Tropibed™ Bags are packaged with recyclable packaging which can be recycled where facilities exist. Single bags or per  Pallet – call for latest Prices. For customers with larger requirements and facilities to handle bulk material, Tropibed™  enabling faster deliveries, faster use and no packaging to dispose of. Tropibed™ high volumetric capacity means you can bed a larger area with the same tonnage.

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Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I order Tropibed™? – You can call us on 07855258686, fill out the contact form for us to call you back or send us an email

What is Tropibed™?Tropibed™ is manufactured from coco peat which is a by-product from the global demand for coconut products from the food and pharmaceutical industries. Coco peat is a 100% natural and sustainable product. Tropibed™ literally grows on trees, with no damage to the tree during the harvesting process; coconuts typically fruit around four times per year. Tropibed™ gives animals a natural product with natural scents and colours.

Why use Tropibed™? – Tropibeds’ benefits are abundant for all animals. Tropibed™ is a completely homogenous material, composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges, which provide a cushiony comfortable bed, locked-in moisture and odours while keeping animals clean. Other benefits include constant supply of quality sustainable bedding material available despite a possible shortage of traditional materials, being used to fuel the UK biomass power generation boom. With Tropibed™ you will be mucking out less wasted bedding, while getting more volume per a bale compared to other bedding materials. The product’s darker colour is widely believed to be preferred by horses, for example in comparison to the bright colour of wood shavings.

How to use? – Animal and pet owners all like to bed their animals in different ways, for pets and horses we suggest a good depth in relation to animal size, then to keep your Tropibed™ in top condition, spot pick the muck out using gloved hands or close tined shavings fork. Rake through wet patches and top up if necessary.

How to dispose? – The best way to dispose of your used Tropibed™ is to store in a muck heap and leave to compost. The end product of this process can then be spread on land and gardens as a natural soil conditioner, locking in nutrients within the millions of capillary micro-sponges which are slowly released over time therefore is better utilised by plants, instead of being lost over a short period. For pet owners, used Tropibed™ can be disposed of in council green waste bins for composting or in general waste bins as it will simply break down if sent to landfill. Tropibed™ packaging is recyclable where facilities exist.





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